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City to beach to mountains- All the photos above were taken in a span of a week. Its amazing how going on trips can widen our knowledge and perspective. Overpriced hotels and resorts aren't needed to catch a glimpse of the places around us. A tent + food and a backpack full of clothes and essentials were all we needed. Went from sand to dust(literally). The first place we went to was a private island of a friend. He saved our asses, cause we went all the way to a beach in Calatagan only to encounter a sea of people camping in the beach to the parking lot. Found ourselves driving back to Nasugbu, Batangas and a boat ride to the said Island. It was a place meant for relaxing, so that's exactly what we did. 

3 days later we decided to go on a hike and camp at the top of Mt. Batulao located in Batangas. Based from the reviews, it was a hike meant for beginners.. but only if you take the easy trail. It was a first, and wanted something challenging, so we agreed on taking the old trail- which was a heck of a hike compared to the new one. We were literally climbing rocks, going up and down through ropes. It felt good to reach our campsite, which was on top of the mountain. Restless and tired from all the hiking, we set up our tents, ate some food and slept. The next day, we were contemplating on going back using the old trail or reaching the summit then going down through the new trail. We argued and we came into the conclusion that climbing the summit would make us feel more accomplished. It was an exhausting climb reaching the top. The trails were steep and rocks to hold on to were diminishing as we reach higher. It came to a point where I stopped and doubted myself, but we were so high up and there was no turning back. After an hour of climbing rocks and ropes, we finally reached the summit. It felt surreal. I've never had this much appreciation for nature before. The view was impeccable. We went down passing the forest and the new trail, and I've got to say that was when the normal hike begun. 

That week was full of realizations and mixed emotions. I'd relive it all over again if I had the chance to. 

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