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This was actually taken in hopes of having the Sakura background, but it has already withered when we went to the riverside. It's overwhelming, yet horrifying on how days shift so rapidly. Just like the trees during fall. One day the trees look wonderful filled with multicoloured flowers, then days go by and they start to wither. When that certain season ends, it blooms to something beautiful again. Meanwhile in life, one day we latch onto our wants and needs, the next day we fail to keep it together. We do our best to regain what we had, and life surprises us with something even better.

We'll never know the inevitable, but all we can do is linger and witness. I'll be a Senior in about a month, and it scares me that after this year a big change is bound to happen. Being a senior means having that fear whether you'll get into your chosen college or not. Passing universities for college is already a big deal, what more about the college life right? Im terrified of what's bound to happen, but all I can do is work hard and believe in what I am capable of.

There has been countless changes happening in my life. It isn't all good, but I better make it a motive to keep progressing.
Zara jacket | F21 top | Skirt from Japan | Bershka boots

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