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      Last summer, I got to take a long break and spend two months in Japan.
After going to Osaka, we decided to stop by Kyoto. There are many places to see, so we took a tour bus around some of the tourist spots that are located in the city. Kyoto is definitely a beauty, here are some of the places that we got to visit.

    From Osaka, we took a train going to Kyoto. As you can see, their station is enormous. It's nothing compared to what we have here in the Philippines. Everything looks well kept and organized. 

My dad told us that many people have committed suicide here before. This place is said to be one of Japan's greatest treasure. The 14,000 square-foot temple, situated dramatically on a cliff overlooking Kyoto. The tourist guide said that there was a popular expression "to jump off the stage at Kitomizu" it is equivalent to the English expression "to take the plunge". This refers to the Edo period tradition that held that if one survives a 13m jump from the stage, one's wish will be granted. 234 jumps were recorded in the period and of those, 85.4% survived. The said practice is now prohibited.

While walking on the way back to the bus, we came across this temple. It definitely caught our attention right away, because of the Big Buddha statue. This is probably the biggest Buddha sculpture i've ever seen! We were the only ones in the place at that time. Everything there felt so steady and smooth.
This is probably my favorite out of all places I've visited. It is a Zen buddhist temple, and is said to be one of the most popular buildings. Believe me when i say that its is covered with pure gold leaf! Its one of the most beautiful places I've seen.

I really had an amazing trip. Japan never fails to surprise me. I wish you all could have the chance to see all the places that i adored!x  

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