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Blazers are great if you wanna take your outfit to another level. I love dressing up a plain outfit and topping it off with a blazer or a cardigan. I consider blazers as a topping just like an ice cream, it wouldn't look as delightful without them sprinkles on top. ;) I paired the blazer with some girlfriend jeans and a cropped top. The blazer made the outfit looked more intact and instantly more dressed up.  It just gives it that formal and elegant vibe that i really adore. 

Pacsun top | American Eagle jeans 
Photography by Kiara Lo 

Wearing shorts is a must especially if you life in a tropical country. Whenever I feel like my outfit is too basic, or if I'm going out at night, adding a blazer can make it look more put together. It can definitely made the ensemble stand out more, and it totally looks way better than just wearing a top and shorts. I've also been trying to incorporate heels in my outfit now, and I must say that I love the height it gives me since I'm a pretty short person. 

Forever 21 top | Forever 21 shorts | Baldini heels

Mango top | Blazer and heels from Japan

Those are just some ways on how I style blazers on a casual day out. I hope you guys liked it


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